9mm (0.35 inches) Alphabet Stamps – UNCIAL


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Product Description

9mm (0.35 inches) Alphabet Stamps | UNCIAL | Stamps for Clay, Ceramics & Pottery | Ceramics stamp | Potter’s Stamp |

Text Height – 9mm (0.35 inches)
Our 9mm tall alphabet fonts stamp set is perfect for adding personalized touches to handmade Polymer clay, pottery and ceramics projects. These stamps are also great for creating unique and customized gifts for family and friends. The storage case is included in the set to keep the Stamp Set de-cluttered

●● STAMPS ●●
STAMPING COUPLE OF LETTERS OR NUMBERS IN A ROW : Since the stamps has a rectangular base to each of the letters at the bottom, its easy to do alignment for the text that you want to create with or without the holder as well.
STAMPING A WORD OR A SENTENCE WITHOUT HOLDER : If you prefer to use the alphabet fonts stamp set without the holder, we recommend using a flat base such as a piece of cardboard or foam board. Cut the base to the desired size and use double-sided tape to attach the stamps in the correct sequence to form the text you need.

●● HOLDER ●●
The stamps can also be purchased with a holder where the alphabets and numbers can be mounted to create the text needed. The holder ensures that the stamps are aligned correctly. For spacing, we recommend using a scrap piece of clay to align the text inside the holder as demonstrated in the video. This ensures that the text is centered and spaced correctly. Double-sided tape can also be used to hold the stamps in place and ensure accurate stamping.

If you are planning on stamping a sentence or phrase that includes frequently used letters such as “e” and “a,” we recommend considering purchasing two sets of the alphabet fonts stamp set. Having two sets allows for faster and more efficient stamping, as you can have duplicates of the commonly used letters readily available without needing to switch them out. This is especially useful for longer lines of text or repetitive phrases.

Hope you have fun getting crafty with the stamps.

– The Stamp is 3D printed by PLA Eco Plastic so keep away from temperature higher than 70°C
– Wash before first time use.
– Hand wash only.

Please note that this stamp will work best only as an embosser for Clay. Since its not a rubber stamp it will not imprint well on paper. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.