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Product Description

ELEGANT Alphabet Stamps | Wedding Font | Stamps for Clay, Ceramics & Pottery | Ceramics stamp | Potter’s Stamp |

Our ELEGANT Alphabet Stamps are perfect for creating personalized clay pieces like trinket dishes, gifts, and more. Crafters, get ready to impress your customers and leave them smiling! These stamps are designed to make your creations stand out with elegance and style.

Purchase individual stamps to suit your needs.
Opt for the complete set for seamless sentence stamping, where Uppercase and Lowercase stamps harmoniously complement each other.

●● SIZE: ●●
UPPERCASE: The uppercase alphabet letters are designed with a height of 12mm tall stamps
LOWERCASE: Features alphabet letters in two sizes – 6mm tall for smaller letters such as ‘a’ and ‘e’, and 12mm tall for alphabets like ‘g’ and ‘k’, so that when stamping in a sentence, they would work perfectly for a cursive name or a sentence
NUMBERS: 12mm tall stamps

To ensure the longevity and quality of your stamps, please follow these care instructions:

👉 Gently clean your stamps with a soft, dry cloth after each use.
👉 Avoid exposing your stamps to excessive heat or direct sunlight.
👉 Store them in a cool, dry place, away from moisture or extreme humidity.
👉 Handle your stamps with clean hands to prevent any transfer of oils or residue to clay.

●● Note ●●
These stamps do not come with a holder, unlike some of our other stamps in the store. This is because, with their cursive font, the spacing between the alphabets works best without the holder when stamping on clay.

With proper care, your Script Alphabet Stamps will continue to deliver impeccable imprints for your clay crafting projects, bringing your artistic visions to life!