Fan Polymer clay shape cutter


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Product Description

Fan Polymer clay shape cutters | Polymer Clay Cutter set | Shape Cutter | Unique clay cutter | DIY Craft tools | DIY Jewelry |

– These shape cutters can be used for cutting Polymer Clay, Precious metal clay, Air dry clay, Ceramic & Pottery.
– The cutting edge of the Fan Polymer clay shape cutters is less than 1 mm thick to get a clean so that the after cleanup is to a minimal. It is expected that a small amount of sanding of your polymer clay piece is required after using these cutters. We do not guarantee a perfect cut, but it will be a relatively clean cut.
– The Polymer clay cutters come in as a single cutter.
– If you are after a specific type of size of a cutter please send me a message and I can customize it for you.


– Usually, clay earrings are made at 3mm to 4mm thickness so 10mm deep cutters are sufficient for cutting the clay, But if you think you need more grip on your hands to hold the cutters then go for 15mm tall cutters.
– If you need the Fan Shaped Clay Cutters deeper please contact me and I can make the cutters to your requirement.

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– A stiffer clay would be easier to work with while cutting out the clay with C & S cutters to get a firm cutout edge.
– If you are living in a hot and humid climatic condition, then sometimes your clay can sticky. To avoid your clay getting stuck inside the cutters, place a piece of cling wrap on top of your roller out clay and then use the cutters to cut out the shapes. Or you could also work your clay with cornflour or polymer clay powder before pressing the cutters into the clay
– Apply pressure onto the cutters to press down the clay to cut all the way through. Do not apply sideways pressure as this would distort the clay shape.
– 3D printed cutters don’t give a clean cut so once you remove the cutters from the clay, make sure to trim the edges if there is any excess before backing so that you spend less time sanding the pieces.


– The material of the Cutter and Texture roller is PLA Eco Plastic so keep away from heat temperature higher than 70 °C
– Wash before first-time use.
– Hand washes only.


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Hope you have fun getting creative.

If you need more information or need customisation regarding the cutters please contact us by Clicking Here