ART DECO Polymer Clay Cutters set of 4


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Product Description

Art Deco Polymer Clay Cutters | Shape Cutter | Unique clay cutter | Earring clay cutter

Art Deco Polymer Clay Cutters for Earrings

– The cutting edge is less than 1 mm thick to get a clean so that the after cleanup is to a minimal. It is expected that a small amount of sanding of your polymer clay piece is required after using these cutters.

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– Apply pressure firmly and evenly on to the cutters to press down the clay to cut all the way through. Don’t apply sideways pressure as this would distort the clay shape.
– Make sure that you work on a ceramic or glass surface so that the clay has a good bond to the work surface just so that when cutting the clay with the cutters, the clay stick to the work surface and it dose not get pealed off and gets stuck into the cutters.
– Alternatively, you can also brush some cornflower on the clay slab before cutting it so that they don’t get stuck into the cutters.


– Hand wash at normal or use light warm water to wash the cutters.
– Before washing, You can use a sharp object to remove clay stuck in the cutters into any intricate corners or gaps
– Do not expose or store the cutters next to high temperature.

Hope you have fun getting creative.