ROSE 36mm Dia – Silicone Molds


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Product Description

ROSE 36mm Dia (1.4 inch) Silicon mold for polymer clay / Fondant / Resin

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36mm Dia (1.4 inch)

Introducing our versatile and durable polymer clay silicone molds, perfect for bringing your creative ideas to life!
– This mold is perfect for making a bold statement in your creations. Each petal is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of a real rose, ensuring that your finished roses will have a lifelike and captivating appearance. To achieve the best results, we recommend working one petal at a time when using the Rose 36mm Silicone Mold. Gently tap down the polymer clay into each petal cavity, ensuring that the polymer clay / Fondant / Resin fills all the intricate details. Slowly and carefully work your way around the mold, filling each petal cavity until the entire mold is complete.
– These are food-grade silicone Molds that can be used for multiple projects like molding Clay, Fondant, Chocolate, and more
– Create embellishments to add extra detail to your Polymer clay craft or baking projects.
– The silicone molds are flexible enough to achieve details imprint on your projects.

– For best results, press a small amount of clay/fondant using a dotting tool to push them into the intricate details on the mold and keep repeating until the top of the mold is filled. Wiggle the mold gently to remove the clay/fondant from the mold.
– For easy release, the mold can be dusted lightly with cornflower.

Cleaning and storing our molds is also a breeze, ensuring that they will last for years to come.
– Please note that for health and safety reasons, we recommend that you do not use the same mold that you use for making food products and for clay. It is important to use separate molds for each application to avoid any cross-contamination.
– We advise that you do not use sharp objects such as blade tools or knives on our polymer clay silicone molds, as this may cause damage to the mold

Get creative and let your imagination run wild with our polymer clay silicone molds.