SPHERE Bead Roller


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Product Description

SPHERE Bead Roller | Clay Bead Roller | Round Bead roller for polymer clay

Elevate your clay crafting to a new level of precision with our Bead Roller. This versatile tool allows you to create perfectly shaped clay beads effortlessly. Craft beads for jewelry, home decor, and more with ease and consistency.

Enhance your clay crafting experience with our versatile Bead Roller. Available in two sizes, S1 and S2, it offers endless possibilities for crafting unique clay beads. Achieve consistent results every time.

Size Options: Choose from our two bead roller sizes, S1 and S2, to create beads of various diameters to suit your project.
Measuring Cups: Precision in Clay Amounts

Pair your Bead Roller with our Measuring Cups for accurate clay portioning. These cups are designed to help you measure the exact amount of clay needed for each bead size, ensuring uniformity in your creations.

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We recommend that you first test out the Bead Roller on a scrap piece of clay to get accustomed with the tool.

Prepare Your Clay: Condition your clay thoroughly to ensure it’s soft and pliable. This makes it easier to work with in the Bead Roller.

Evenly Sized Portions: Use our Measuring Cups to portion your clay into equal amounts, ensuring consistent bead sizes.

Roll Gently: Apply gentle and even pressure when rolling the clay inside the Bead Roller. This prevents distortion and maintains the bead’s shape.

Customize Your Beads: Add colors to your clay before rolling it in the Bead Roller for unique and personalized beads.

●● CARE ●●
Clean after each use: After using the Bead Roller, gently clean them using a soft brush or a damp cloth to remove any residual clay or debris. Hand wash at normal or light warm water

Store properly: Store the Bead Roller in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.


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