SPIDERWEB Texture Mat for Polymer clay


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Product Description

SPIDERWEB Texture Mat for Polymer clay | Clay pattern stamps | Halloween Textures for Clay imprints | Polymer clay texture |

Our Spiderweb Texture Mat captures the essence of a realistic spiderweb. The fine lines and delicate patterns bring a touch of eerie elegance to your Halloween-themed jewelry, accessories, and decor projects. 🕷️🕸️

But wait, there’s more! With the addition of mica highlights, you can elevate the texture even further, creating an authentic web-like shimmer. The mica highlights bring an extra layer of realism, enhancing the web’s intricate details and giving it an ethereal glow. 🎃🕷️

Whether you’re designing haunted house pendants, spooky earrings, or a Halloween-themed centerpiece, our Spiderweb Texture Mat will be your go-to tool. Imprint the clay, add mica highlights, and watch as your creations come to life with a ghoulishly captivating touch. 🕸️🌙

These flexible texture mats are very easy to use, Place the texture mat on your conditioned rolled out Polymer clay slab and using a rolling pin, roll the texture mat on your clay with pressure to imprint the texture.

●● SIZE ●●
Please take a moment to review the listing photo for the size of the texture mat. This will help you to determine whether the dimensions of the mat are suitable for your needs. If you have any questions or concerns about the size or dimensions of the texture tile, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

– Hand wash the mat with dish soap and soft-bristled brush before first time use.
– Generally Polymer clay will not stick to the mat, but if there is any residue of clay stuck into some intricate detailing of the texture after use, then remove then with a soft-bristled brush.
– Avoid using sharp objects on the mat, as they can scratch or score the surface and create permanent marks.

Add our texture mats to your crafting arsenal today and take your polymer clay creations to the next level. Happy crafting!